This project demonstrates multi-vector polarization of electrical and magnetic fields, both individual and combined. According to modern physics, all matter in the universe is comprised of a limited set of fundamental particles. Some researchers postulate that, although differing in behavior, these emanate out of a background field known as the quantum vacuum or “formless ether”. According to one theory, it is comprised of dimensionless points, the displacement of which is equatable to measurable flux density. For example, electricity arises when 2D linear motion is imparted. By contrast, magnetism is a 3D phenomena that emerges through rotation. The hardware interfacing for manipulation of these two domains are the capacitor and coil respectively.

The Capacitor

In its most basic form, a capacitor is comprised of two conductive plates with an intervening layer of insulation. As discovered in the 1950’s by Thomas Townsend Brown (above), when an electrical charge is applied across them, minute lift occurs in the direction of the positive plate. This effect is proportional to voltage and surface topology, as well as insulation’s numerically expressed dielectric constant (permittivity). The latter indicates the extent to which its molecules elongate under applied electrical tension. It is this property that acts as a lens for gravitational flux which can then be modulated as a carrier of deterministic programming.

Gravity, being inherently the “weakest” of the fundamental forces of nature, represents a less compelling influence. One interesting characteristic is its unique affinity with the head region, whereas EM generally tends to be less anatomically selective. This is not surprising given that RNA within brain tissue possesses one of the highest dielectric constants to be found in nature. This implies a deeply evolved mechanism for environmental adaptation. For example, many people can predict the approach of a rain storm by feeling the mild “bearing-down” sensation that accompanies reversal of the Earth’s surface charge. Another example is autonomic regulation of sleep and waking cycles by diurnal shift in atmospheric plasma density.

Taking Charge

For safety reasons, the projects the beginning of this article demonstrate an economy of working parts and voltage. With an appropriate level of skill, the basic concept can be scaled up. Although other signal sources could be utilized, opportunity will be taken to introduce sound recorder modules. These offer the advantages of being low cost and ready-made. One is the typical 10 or 20 second playback time, as limited by the large scale integrated circuit. Consequently, for continuous operation, ensure a selectable “loop” feature is built into the circuit board. Best fidelity is achieved by recording directly from a playback device’s headphone or line level socket. To do this, replace the electret microphone with a 1K resistor, and add a 10K resistor in series with the input signal.

Most such boards include a small amplifier, capable of driving the standard 8 ohm primary of an impedance matching transformer. Our project employs a type designed for loss compensation in public address (PA) systems. It boosts line level voltage of 2Vpp to about 100V. To achieve maximum voltage out, connect the lowest labelled wattage and “common” of the secondary across the capacitor plates. If a low current, portable device is preferred, substitute a 8 ohm to 1K ohm mini audio transformer and power the circuit with three 1.5V cells.

PA and miniature type audio transfomersr

Because the transformer secondary is not ground referenced, its output swings once per cycle between positive and negative voltage. When fed to the plates, this establishes the preferred charge pumping that mirrors the alternating current of the input signal. By contrast, a non-reciprocating mode would charge to maximum, and then remain static with no “delta T”, or transmitted effect.

Piezo Pair

The emitter in this project is fabricated from two bare piezoelectric “speakers”, or transducers. These are sold in diameters of up to about 35mm. In essence, each is a capacitor but with the advantage of a very high Q ceramic insulator, such as Barium Titanate (BaTiO3). This type of material mechanically vibrates under applied charge. Be warned that it will burst if excessive voltage is applied. To begin construction, glue the transducers tightly together, larger plates face-to-face. If there are no factory fitted leads, apply a dab of solder to a thin wire and drop quickly into place while still wet to avoid heat damage.

This novel superposition forces the gravitational inertia generated by each transducer into direct opposition. An added vector, or secondary tensor field, thus arises which propagates outwardly on a 90 degree plane. As previously explained, maximum compression occurs only when the center plate is most positive. By contrast, when it goes negative the effect is rarefaction. Output can be multiplied by wiring a number of such emitters in series/parallel combinations to form a flat or stacked array.

Torsion Generator

The conductive plates of a piezo transducer are ordinarily of a material such as tin. Sticking field aligned magnets across the above assembly, diverts flux laterally and thus at a right angle to the electric field between the plates. Due to the Lorenz effect, this creates a torsional field that propagates axially into adjacent space in enlarging cones from both sides. Traditionally, such generators have used conically shaped emitters, but our design is less demanding to build. It can also be powered “in reverse” with a modulated solenoid coil, while holding the transducers at a static charge using a safe low current HVDC supply.

Desktop device for neutralizing left spin field from computer monitor

Because the conical fields rotate in the “same” direction from their plane of origin, the direction of spin depends upon the observer’s point of view. According to most authorities, a right-hand torsion is more universally compatible. This is partly because it remedies the uncompensated left-hand torsional field created by the commercial power grid and all wiring and devices connected to it. It also mimics up-welling vortices found in nature, as referred to on the Power Spot page. If the magnets are instead oriented so like poles face, a neutral center is created at their plane of opposition The emitted cones will then proceed outwardly with the same chirality.. Because every material object or event is defined by its unique torsion field, emitters of this type are well suited to experiments in radionics.

Electrostatic Clamp

This refinement involves substituting conjoined center plates with a bifilar pancake coil, similar to that on the Hyper-realism Audio page. Sandwich it between two large disks of anodized aluminum. In lieu of a piezoceramic layer, thin mylar polyester film is interleaved between the flat sides of the coil and disks.. Because this material possesses a far lower dielectric constant, anything resembling molecular stress or polarization presupposes greater applied voltage. One way to achieve this is with a higher primary-to secondary turns ratio transformer, while still observing safe levels of current.

When driven with a typical bipolar signal, the stimulation rate from non-inductively wound bifilar coils is automatically doubled. This is due to phase cancellation of opposing EM fields during both positive and negative voltage swings. The electric field between the disks compresses this, but only when the coils are at a greater positive voltage as shown above. This provides the synergistic effect of two octaves applied simultaneously within a single mode of transmission. Additionally, by also reducing EM bleed-off, the coil’s scalar byproduct is maximized as a virtual potential within the sphere of mind and emotion.

Signal Selection

For broadcast of ELF-type signals, there are two simple workarounds for the limited low end bandpass characteristics of most stock transformers. The first is to amplitude and/or frequency modulate upon an audio carrier compatible in known effect with the purpose at hand. The second, as described below, employs only audio signals , but ones that still evoke a desirable subjective response.

Included under this heading would be intrinsically relaxing nature sounds such as a flowing stream, ocean surf or bird songs. However, since this project deals with gravity, there is a more closely linked signal source to consider. These are the resonant wavelengths of the circumferences of the Earth;s geological layers, approximated as follows.

  • Crust: 23.5Hz
  • Upper mantle: 25.1Hz
  • Mantle: 26.2Hz
  • Outer core: 43Hz
  • Inner core: 122.3Hz

As described on the MP3 ELF Entrainment page, these may be generated individually, and then mixed into a monophonic track. The result is an energetic signature of our host planet. In this regard, it satisfies the sought-after criterion for an implicitly beneficial influence within the easily processed audio spectrum. Many more examples can be found in literature relating to cosmology, biophysics, and sacred numbers.

Alternatively, inter-modulation can be accomplished by driving the plates and coil with differing, but functionally augmentative, signals, similarly to the trifilar coil described on the Emotion Imprintation page.. For example, informational content to the plates and an “alpha” brain wave frequency to the coil to promote receptivity.

Keywords: Electrogravity, T.T. Brown, Dynamic ether, Gravitational time dilation, Graviton, Minkowski space, Petrovoltaics, Dielectric constant, Hodonenec gravity, Motional e field, Axion energy, Spintronics, Reactionless drive, Grebennikov levitation