Diagram of MP3 player for ELF entrainmment

This project describes a method employing a generic MP3 player to store and play back audio signals containing 1-40Hz ELF (extreme low frequency) modulation. The latter bandwidth coincides with brain waves and hence can be transmitted over short range to induce altered states of consciousness. It is also possible to counteract debilitating energies attributed to geopathic zones and electro-pollution. The headphone output is capable of driving a range of purpose-built emitters, either directly or through an amplifier of any wattage. To conform with the portable usage envision here, three compact types will be described.. All rely upon “bucking” or repulsion to sublimate conventional EM flux into a more assertive torsional mode of influence.

Magnetic torsion field at plane of intersection

In the middle of the top diagram is shown a pair of air core coils wired so, when energized, their poles oppose at any given time. To prevent overloading the player, the measured resistance of each should be no less than about 25-50 ohms. When wired in parallel, and not series, this figure reduces to 15-25 ohms in total. Higher resistance values will work, but weaken the overall field proportionately. Build into PVC conduit, or pre-align coils and quartz crystal “softener”, then slide into heat shrink sleeving. The latter is pushed over the back of the 3.5mm socket before applying heat to draw it all firmly together as one durable unit. For a more deterministic effect, omit the crystal and wrap the junction and innermost halves of the coils with a single sheet of thin Mu metal sheet so as to encapsulate the opposing EM force vectors.

Suitable coils may be scavenged from electrical relays

The second emitter, positioned further to the right, utilizes a single coil of about 12 ohms or less to once again approximate the player’s rated output impedance. As there are few ready-made options, hand wind with thin enamel coated wire upon a 35mm film spool or similar. If less than 12 ohms, a compensating resistor must be inserted in series. In this design, only one half of each alternating cycle bucks its opposing polarity within the steady field of the ring magnet. The reason this difference is relevant to faithful replication of the signal when emitted is given in the Time Shift section further down this page.

A third option is the more exotic non-inductive coils. A number of filed topologies are possible including caduceus, cylindrical (as shown in triangular array above) or a smaller build of the flat spiral featured on the Hyper-realism Audio page. All consist of two windings positioned tightly side-by-side, into which the same signal is fed, but in opposite directions. Each current so conducted thereby tends to cancel the other’s EM field as animated below. In their place, rather than nothing at all, is created a synchronously varying potential within the extra-dimensional scalar domain. Further information about this dynamic can be found on the Tensor Fields page.

If enamel coated wire is used, first twist both strands together with an electric drill until the crossover along their full length occurs at about a 45% angle. The purpose is to help consolidate force vectors. The direction, CW or CCW, both of the twist and winding itself is considered by some researchers to impart slightly differing effects. Due to their inherently negligible resistance, these type of coils must be floated above ground with a full value load compensating resistor.

ELF Generation

Spectrum plot of neuro-entrainment to 10Hz

Most consumer devices, including MP3 players, are designed to filter out frequency content below about 20Hz. Unfortunately, this subaudible region is prime territory for entrainable brain wave activity. The simplest work-around is to embed the ELF’s as an active component within amplitude (AM) or frequency modulation (FM) of an audio tone that is subjectively compatible. As a bonus, this boosts overall signal density and distance of propagation. Below is described a free and accessible means of generation..

Due to evolutionary adaptation, our receptive faculties tend to prioritize frequencies found in nature over unfamiliar ones. For this demonstration we have chosen the 7.8Hz primary oscillation of the Earth ionosphere cavity. It is one of the so-called Schumann resonances (SR), caused by global lightning strikes, which coincidentally occupy the same band as human brain waves. A small sample of alternative frequencies is given below along with the attribute of each.

First download and install Audacity free audio editing software. Then perform the following steps via the menu. To prevent our emitter from being accidentally connected to an unoccupied channel; the end product below will be a stereo signal.

1) Tracks > Add new > Stereo track. Generate > Tone > Sine, 7.8, 0.4, Duration 10 minutes

Our preferred carrier tone is a higher octave of the 365 day Earth year generated as follows. Alternative choices related to physical constants or “sacred” number relationships can be easily found on the internet.

2) Tracks > Add new > Stereo track. Generate > Tone > Sine, 136.1Hz, 0.4, Duration 10 minutes

2.5Hz – Sleep
4.5Hz – Hypnotic
7.5Hz – Problem solving
8.2Hz – Mood elevation
12-14Hz – Learning
14.1Hz – Relaxed alertness
18-22Hz – Analysis
40Hz – Sensory integration

Modulation Stage

Next, highlight both created tracks by Shift > Clicking in the left margin of each. Then enter the following commands to implement modulation. Note that in doing so, the final amplitude doubles to 0.8. By resizing the window, all six created tracks should be visible as in the screenshot below..

3) Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render

There are countless additional techniques for compounding similarly motivated signals. AM and FM can be applied simultaneously for an exponential effect. To promote harmonious interaction, frequencies and carriers can be nested according the Phi ratio of 1.618 or another universal constant. The primary ELF can be centered between two Phi offset audio frequencies for added emphasis. The list goes on.

Time Shift

There is one final consideration with regard to the applied signal. Most sound players output a bipolar signal. Currents within opposed windings will therefore reverse relative to each other at both maximum positive and negative voltage swings. The unwanted effect is to double the stimulation rate of the input signal, thereby altering its intended properties. Such a bipolar signal can be converted to monopolar by offsetting its DC level within ahandmade emitter follower circuit or single ended power amplifier. However, the most expeditious method is to reduce its speed of play by half, again within Audacity. When complete, save the halved signal in MP3 format and play back in repeat mode for continuous operation if desired. Click on the link below to listen to, or download, the finished product.

4) Effects > Change speed > Speed multiplier 0.5

3.9Hz+68Hz Sine.mp3

The emitter to the right in the diagram at the beginning of this article exemplifies why a single conductor, in the form of a solenoid, wide area or mobius coil, does not require halving. Its current only runs counter to the magnet’s unchanging north-south polarity once per half cycle, thereby preserving the signal’s original time frame. To maximize assimilation, any deterministic stimulus should ideally be buffered by mixing in 5-10% white noise, nature sounds or a generated arbitrary wave form. For more on this, visit the Random Nature page.

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