Any successful practical application of esoteric technology implies a learned personal awareness of subtle perceptions. This relates to what might be termed “higher” human faculties. The seeming disconnectedness of various events in daily life is not indicative of accidental or random processes. Rather it is entirely a result of the limited scope of our five physical senses. On the other hand, by shifting one’s focus inwardly, it will be found that our being is a mirror image of the universe, or an expression of completeness within itself. From that vantage point, it is possible to comprehend how ordinarily hidden forces work together to generate a solid, yet slightly mysterious, existential world.

Matched overlay of Egyptian djed worship with figures of medieval Christian tree of life.

At the core of all world religions dwells a body of knowledge that reflects a common founding purpose. While its practical significance may have paled over centuries, a roadmap lives on in the form of enduring symbolic imagery. It is therefore not unexpected to find a consistency of visual themes across a range of theologies that may otherwise appear to differ, or even be in conflict. This an example of how astute and unbiased insight can become a force for unification.

The cosmos may be likened to a battery, and like any good consumer nature does not waste energy. Everything is recycled through a system of harmonic wave functions. This implies a balanced inflow and outflow, or non-destructive rationalization of duality. Any object or condition exists only by virtue of a state of tension with its opposite. What therefore appears to be mutually exclusive from our limited perspective, is in fact reciprocal continuity across multiple domains.

While superficially confounding, the above formula is replicated within the human body encompassing correspondingly subtle levels of awareness. Of prime significance is that this constitutes an avenue of direct engagement with creation at large. However, by definition, access is predicated upon transcendence of a self-limited, individualistic point of view.

Mystical Union

The following images have been complied from a number of prominent spiritual paths. Exclusive of ecclesiastical trappings, each portrays a seminal triadic symbolism. This generally consists of a central figure, flanked by two lesser figures to which are assigned a pair of inverse qualities such as male and female, sun and moon, spear and chalice, etc. These are not mythological fabrications, but allude to vertically aligned conduits within the human body. The intention is to depict how life force divided against itself may be reoriented “upward” through conscious integration of dualistic tendencies. The result is a spiritual awakening of the type alluded to in metaphor throughout the world’s religious texts.

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Practical Applications

Heart to brain micromotion inudction according to Bentov

Some researchers propose that rapture or enlightenment is preceded by a 7 cycle per second, sympathetic resonance between the sensory cortex of the brain and heart micromotion. Activation of this psycho-physical circuit also initiates coherence of hemispheric brain wave activity as described on the AV Entrainment page. The latter can be simulated by closing the eyelids and gently rolling the eyeballs upward. This promotes wakefulness and also stimulates the pineal gland resulting in release of endogenous DMT, and associated mystical experiences. Meditators will also benefit, as this suppresses a reflexive stress, or point of unconsciousness, at the top of the breath cycle which functions as a biological trigger for each new thought sequence.

Hindu saint in samadhi with eyes rolled up
Hindu holy man focused upon heart with eyes directed upward.

The foregoing state normally only arises after neural pathways have been “rewired” through years of meditation practice. However, the experimental concept below offers a glimpse into the possibility of a technologically assisted approach.

The electronic circuit at the beginning of this article consists of a crystal stabilized 7Hz oscillator connected to a transistor that drives a small speaker causing it to vibrate. It is shown assembled upon a solderless prototyping board. Click here to view the schematic diagram. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, it is advised to exercise appropriate care and seek expert guidance before proceeding.

Synchronization Exercise

Sit upright in a semi-dark room, free of noise or interruption. Place the speaker in contact with the body. However, do not to restrict movement of the speaker cone itself, or the coil may become damaged. Monitor your heartbeat with the fingers of one hand. Then time each complete in-out cycle of breathing to comfortably coincide with an even number of beats. Typically, at the outset this will be between four and eight. As relaxation deepens and metabolism slows, gradually more beats can be accommodated within each breath cycle. While doing this, gaze lightly upon a image from the gallery above that holds special significance. Try to feel the presence of the same triadic structure or wave guide within your body. Note the sensations that arise and be moved by them as desired. Allow sufficient recovery time after each session before returning to normal daily activities.

Keywords: Pantheology, Dualism religion, Neurotheology, Androgeny, Sushumna nadi, Kundalini, Tree of life, Alchemical symbolism, Axis mundi, CMOS oscillator, Itzak Bentov, Cardio-respiratory synchronism