Diagram of dowsing wand

The variety of dowsing tools in existence reflects the diverse needs and temperaments of their creators. All are designed to bring to conscious level the subtle autonomic response that occurs within the body when a personal thought aligns with reality. In metaphysical terms, it is the universe’s way of promoting a constructive synchronicity between the individual and the wider scope of Divine purpose. Hence, an alternative term for dowsing is “divining”.

Dowsing pendulum collection in box
Collection of traditional dowsing pendulums, some with cavities for substance tuning.

Learning this skill involves restoration of inner confidence that has been eroded by the extroverted posture of modern life. Here is a simple exercise to help divest this impediment. Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Look at one area of the room. Imagine everything you see is like light projected on a movie screen. While doing this, simultaneously place equal attention upon your body, both its visual composition and internal sensations. Now imagine this is also part of the movie. Silently ask yourself, “who is watching this?” If done correctly, thoughts will vanish, and along with them any potentially interfering preconceptions. Each time you dowse, simply renew this detached feeling and include the movements of the pendulum in the watching.

Direction Finding

One common practical application is locating lost or valuable objects through the aid of direction finding. In the instance of remote analysis, a standard procedure is to first trace the X and then Y edges of a geographical map while checking the pendulum for a “yes” response. Where the two detected coordinates intersect at right angles is the desired spot.

Technique of map dowsing

Where similar prospecting work is conducted in the field, it is often more expedient to employ direct pointing implements such as hand-held L-shaped rods or a wand. The diagram at the beginning of this article introduces an original design that offers improved sensitivity. The central shaft is 20mm diameter PVC electrical conduit slid into a shorter length of 25mm. A 3/8″ steel bolt is inserted into the leading end, while a standard 83 x 54 x 31mm electronic project box (or similar) is fastened with two self-tapping screws to a PVC end cap in the back. Fill the box with sand until the rod remains level when the threaded rods are rested in the outstretched palms of the hands. Balance is then fine tuned by sliding the friction fit, 25mm section back and forth. In use, a spontaneous downward dip of the front end represents a “yes” or positive response to either a question, or the line-of-sight of a sought-after item.

Protective Field

When operating from a fixed location, the ideal setting should be quiet, solitary and free of negative or latent impressions. This is increasingly rare, particularly in populated areas drenched in electro-pollution and other random subliminal stimuli. The following strategy offers one solution based upon energetic activation of a pentagon’s phi ratio geometry.

Phi ratio pentagon diagram

Screw or adhere five hooks onto the floor at points corresponding to the vertices of a 1.5-2 meter wide regular pentagon. Through these, pass a single turn of twin conductor speaker wire. Pull taut and secure at the hooks with cable ties. Strip the insulation from the conductors at one end only. Solder together to form a closed bi-directional loop. Choose a sympathetic frequency for this shape that mirrors its expression on a cosmic scale. One example would be the sidereal period of the planet Venus (225 days), repeatedly multiplied by two to derive 221.2Hz, a workable frequency within the audio range. Using the free audio editing software Audacity, generate a 10 minute sine wave at this rate with an amplitude of 0.15. To optionally add a synergistic “nest”, repeat the same for four Phi-related frequencies, two above and two below (84.5, 136.7, 357.9 and 589.1Hz). Select all five and combine into a single track by menu commands of Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render.

Pnetagonal orbit Venus viewed from Earth
Pentagonal symmetry expressed in Venus’ transit

Conditioned Space

Noted para-scientifc researchers report a positive trend in psychic ability concurrent with 8Hz Alpha brain waves, as monitored with EEG. To include this pfrequency within the previous track, generate it as a 10 minute sine wave at 0.3 amplitude and mix-render. For comparison, here is the final result.

221.2Hz+Four Phi Harmonics+8Hz.mp3

To power the pentagonal loop attach the two remaining free wires to the output of the low-wattage audio amplifier. For preferred silent operation, replace the speaker with four 47 ohm 10 watt ceramic resistors wired in parallel. If they become hot to the touch reduce the amplifier’s volume until just warm.

Another predisposing factor to psychic work is the Earth’s level of magnetic field activity. Consult the NOAA forecast page and choose a relatively “quiet” time, indicated by a value of 1 or 2. Some dowsers prefer to face east, into the rotation of the planet. Others sit inside a Faraday cage of fine metal screens to remain shielded from ambient electromagnetic fields. A good orientation exercise is to stand at the center of the pentagon and slowly rotate the body while holding the dipper wand to confirm the location of an already known landmark. Then move on to the unknown, being sure to leave any preconceptions behind.

Virtual Instruments

The assisted tuning procedures described below, are intended as a mechanized support for human remote sensing and telekinetic influence. In its simplest from, the dowser holds a question or proposition clearly in mind while seeking a “yes or no” response via the appliance of choice. For focus and time-saving, additional choices can be presented with a chart printed with radial lines leading to specific answers.

Malcolm Rae dowsing anlaysis chart

This capability can be elaborated into a simulated instrument, whereby an item for analysis or applied influence is encoded with a predetermined number upon rotary dials. In addition to offering unlimited scope for tuning, the aesthetics of this approach dovetails with that of actual radionic hardware.

Diagrammatic radionic circuit with single dial tuning.

There is another advantage, particularly if the operation includes projected intent. The tuning can be user-programmed, and then left alone to function autonomously without consuming further personal vitality. This also minimizes the chance of any “problem” under treatment being inadvertently perpetuated through revisitation by the practitioner’s conscious mind. This precaution finds parallel in chaos magic wherein a symbolic representation is devised and then destroyed, thus leaving only its clear impression upon the ethers.


AS yet another possible implementation, the artwork below seeks to retain the edifying appearance of the traditional “black box”. Download, print out and resize as necessary to suit available knobs. Next, laminate in heat sealed plastic film. Trim off the borders and glue to a piece of 3/4″ thick MDF board, or similar material pre-cut to the same dimensions. After drying, mark the dial centers with an awl and drill for insertion of ten short 1/4″ dowels to accept pointer knobs with matching inserts. Their outer diameter should leave the numbers clearly visible. Drop a steel washer over each dowel, and then the knobs on top, but without tightening their set screws to allow free rotation. Paint the edges and bottom of the MDF black, and install rubber feet for a completed look.

Thumb ten dial radionic instrument panel art

Tuning sequence is left-to-right, top-to-bottom. Lists of settings for a wide range of purposes may be downloaded by searching online for “radionic rates”, or visiting our dedicated website Radionic Instrument. By convention, the 10x dial is reserved for defining dynamic conditions, and not specific objects. An alternative “rateless” tuning procedure is given on the Magneto Radionics page. The “intensity” dial is for quantitative readouts. All analysis, set-up and monitoring of progress is possible by suspending a dowsing pendulum over the “output” rectangle. If a tactile response is preferred, glue a piece of acrylic sheet of similar dimensions to function as a classic radionic “stick” plate. The latter can also be used as a substitute for a pendulum for any dowsing operation.

The panel’s 0 to 9 indexing is a not-infrequent variation upon the 0 to 10 system. It works because a “10′” can also be represented by 1+0. When entered “as-is”, each rate exerts upon the item it represents a manifesting or strengthening influence. Alternatively subtract in sequence each digit from 10 to apply a counteracting force.

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